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Presentation Charts

All our presentation charts are size A1 (84 x 59cm), presented in a gloss finish and ideal for your treatment room.

Reflexology chart

Our classic Reflexology presentation chart. All the reflexes located on the feet are clearly illustrated, including those on the top and sides of the feet. The reflexes have been labelled and the user-friendly colours used make them easy to identify.

Meridian chart

Our Meridian chart includes individual diagrams for each of the twelve main Meridians found in the body and lists the typical symptoms found along the Meridian pathways.

The Five Elements chart

The characteristics of each of the Five Elements have been listed on The Five Elements chart together with diagrams of the related Yin and Yang Meridians for each Element.

Acupuncture chart

Our Acupuncture chart illustrates the various Meridian lines on the body, together with the main acupuncture points along each Meridian. Each acupuncture point has been labelled for ease of reference.

Flip Chart

A specially designed flip chart (easel file) containing a smaller version of our most popular Reflexology, Meridian and Five Element presentation charts. Size A4 and presented in a gloss finish. Ideal for students.

Reflexology, the 5 elements and their 12 meridians - a unique approach by Inge Dougans

This complete self-teaching guide is the perfect handbook for beginners and students alike. It uniquely links Eastern and Western approaches to Reflexology and health, making this a comprehensive guide to using the Meridians and pressure points of the feet to treat a wide range of ailments.

Reflex feet

Our funky “Reflex Feet” have a similar consistency to human feet and are fitted with socks with the reflex chart printed on plantar and dorsal regions – ideal as a three-dimensional visual aid, or as a practice tool for students to work their treatment techniques.